What’s the Frequency Kenneth?

I have begun my statistics class. As an older student I can not shake a feeling of coming at everything backwards. I already have half a life time of experiences and influences that shape my understanding of the world and the words I use with which to describe them. It could just be me, but I seem to have gotten to the age where, like President Clinton, I begin to need clarification on the meaning of “is.” All at once I am having to go backwards in my mind to shake away all of my idiosyncratic notions of what individual terms mean. In a near constant state of deconstruction, I have to remind myself that when a question, for example, asks me to describe the attributes of data I need to get very simplistic. It is only what it is. It is only understood in the narrowest of statistical terms. Don’t over think it. After all it’s math, not life: the answers really are either right or wrong.


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