I Pledge Allegiance, To The Wing

A few years ago one of my sons wondered what all the fuss surrounding the Superbowl was about. I told him, with the slightest tinniest littlest bit of derision,”buffalo wings.” He was intrigued. He took it upon himself to find a sufficiently complicated and mouthwatering recipe. I went to the store and purchased all the required spices and chicken wings. When I got home and showed him, he was alarmed that one jumbo package was a paltry amount. So the day before the game we went back to the store to buy more wings. And then we went to another store. And finally one more. There was not another wing to be secured in the entire country it seemed. Imagine my surprise.The Superbowl really is our national Thanksgiving for Snacks. Indivisible, with chips and dip for all.


One response to “I Pledge Allegiance, To The Wing

  1. How cute…”not another wing to be found in the entire country”.

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