have pantry, will bake

lemon and ginger drop cookies

I suppose baking cookies is not quite dolce far niente but it feels that way to me: the sweetness of doing nothing. I never bake them all off. I make a sheet and then I take the rest of the dough and roll it up into a cylinder and freeze it. I accomplish many good ends with this policy:
a) I always have cookies on hand if the need arises.
b) I (or my ravenous children) don’t eat them all in one go.
c) The work to enjoy ratio is equalized.

My children make fun of me because my favorite thing to say is: less is more. They find it baffling in their literal-minded youth, and then just annoying. But I feel that the pleasure of before, during and after is accentuated by less. This is also why I don’t like too much “stuff,” the beauty in ascetics, I think,  is also maximized by less. I can of course appreciate a crazy intense feast of the eyes or stomach, but I tend to prefer the space of less.

I’m happy to share recipes, but don’t really care to type them all out if living vicariously through pictures will do. You need only ask.


4 responses to “have pantry, will bake

  1. jerk

  2. Why, I don’t think I like your tone young lady.

  3. the kids probably understand. Theyre just greedy! YUM!

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