The Catskills (2011)

“Wine will make a wise man fall to singing”  Homer, The Odyssey

Well, that settles the debate.

I have multiple playlists on you tube. One of which I have titled Music To Think By. I mostly listen to it while doing my homework. My problem is that I cannot stop myself from singing, wine or no, which makes it hard to focus – not the wine, the singing. My Music To Think By is mostly lyric-less or at least not in English. But even this I have to be careful with as I will tend to sing along phonetically. Szamár*

I am presently enjoying; Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt, the deaf percussionist Eveline Glennie (I first heard of her on a Ted Talk’s lecture called How To Listen), I love Mihály Vig (composer of all the soundtracks of Béla Tarr’s films), and have recently added Fotosputnik’s Sterominds and White Mountain Tunnel Romp from a recommendation by another great blog Anobium. The pianist Gonzales works well for long equations and deep philosophical thinking as well. For my personal favorite: classical guitar, Milos Karadaglic is very fine. Occasionally, while listening to music, the urge to weep overtakes me, but I have thrown in a little Anouk and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Mustt Mustt to help keep my heart from sliding over the falls into an abyss.

I am, as always, open to suggestions…

*That’s Hungarian for “silly”or “fool” which I now know from listen to Kész az egész , one of the best lounge songs ever sung on film (Damnation). I will probably have to remove it from my playlist as I…well – sing along. I may not know what she is saying, but – I’ve been there.

11 responses to “Fools

  1. I love the carolina chocolate drops – i used their brigg’s banjo on the soundtrack to my spoken piece with Edmund Burke and a poodle. It’s best with the kora version – very gentle, and the bones off is brillaint. they also do some great stuff with the luminescence orchestrii. rhianna did some great stuff at occupy as well.

  2. Corn Bread and Butter Beans is a family favorite around here! But I’ll have to check out the lyric-less pieces. Thanks.

  3. That is a very pretty picture.

  4. Why thank you. It nearly cost me my life. My daughter convinced me to go up to that second from the top level. I had on nothing more than a bikini and my glasses (okay it was a tankini but that’s a decidedly stupid word). After barely making it up I was suddenly struck with the horrifying thought that I was going to have to descend. By the time I got back down my thighs were shaking and burning. I just had to lay on a rock for about 40 minutes to collect myself. I guess I couldn’t resist the Siren’s call of those pretty falls.

  5. Sometimes the pretty things are the deadly ones…c’est la vie.

  6. I’d recommend a piece by John Cage called “dream,” as well as the third and fifth pieces from Maurice Ravel’s suite, “Miroirs.” Debussy is, of course, also wonderful, but I’m sure you’re familiar with him already.

  7. Sing your heart out, Jessica! Let me hear you!

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