Poem of a Putana

I was in the library studying for a test when a much more weighty problem resolved it self in a moment of inspired clarity: dinner. One of the literary terms we had to know was haiku. Let me just say that upon be given the list of literary terms I felt relief that I actually knew most of them because I fret over my inability to memorize for memorization’s sake. I need to know and love words in order for them to find a place in my gray matter. But I digress, the point here is that the word haiku having been relieved of struggling to supplant itself into my brain suddenly birthed a series of synapses that resulted in dinner. Working backwards I can see that I must have come across an image of udon noodles with tempura in my mind and from there I concocted an Italian version because, well, I learned to cook through Mediterranean cuisine so that is my filter.

I was in a state of anticipation, and really hungry. When I got back I began the composition. I made a simple batter (eggs, flour, water, minced garlic, salt, and pepper) for my artichokes and then deep fried them. I made a puttanesca sauce (garlic, capers, olives, red pepper, tomato sauce, salt) and boiled up my pasta. The result, is worth sharing if you, like me, have found yourself with a bag of artichokes in the freezer and no desire to go out shopping.

A puttanesca
adorned with a heart of gold
is most delicious


*Putana is Italian for “whore”


3 responses to “Poem of a Putana

  1. OK, I will definitely bite! Let’s have the recipe. Do I have to have a deep fat fryer or may I just pan fry?

  2. If your goal is to become a magazine or newspaper’s food editor, I think you are on the right track.

  3. You do not need a deep fat fryer. I can’t imagine any circumstance which would require someone to own one at all, so I say do without. As often as possible do without.
    Just fry them in a pot in 2 inches of oil or there abouts. Or if, like me, you didn’t realize until it was time to turn the stove on that you didn’t actually have much frying oil at, well 1 or 3/4 of an inch will do as long as you fry them up in small batches.
    As for the rest, I just kind of winged it. One bag of frozen artichokes, 1 egg, a handful of flour was a bit thick so I added water until it was thinner but thick enough to cling to the artichokes: viscous. I think it was one clove of garlic minced, salt, pepper.
    The sauce was 5-6 cloves of garlic sliced and fried in olive oil until golden brown, a pinch of red pepper, one 32 ounce can of chopped tomatoes and one small can of plain tomato sauce. maybe a tablespoon of capers, and 1/2 olives roughly chopped (really barely halved). I could have added a little anchovy, but forgot (my brother in law chastised me). And if I had had it, chopped parsley and basil would have been nice.

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