AGP seeking SWF

AGP - Ancient Greek Poets

     I was in the college library today working on my statistics homework, it was a good run. I have kind of fallen in love with my calculator, now that I know how to use 30% of the buttons it is quite another game. I was on my way out when I passed the computer consul of the library catalogue. I remembered that I needed a book for my book group, I had sent out an email in the morning reminding everyone of the book to get. I typed in Greek Lyricists and it told me it didn’t have any. A librarian came over to help me, she told me the computer was difficult and to come over to her desk. I felt a little stupid because I was looking for a specific book but didn’t really have the necessary information like: the author or 100% confidence that I even had the title right. I told her I was looking for Greek Lyricists and then out of my mouth came these words, “It was published by the University of Chicago Press.” My mouth clamped down as I wondered what nether region I pulled that fact from. But I was not done, “It’s translated by Richmond Lattimore.” My hand instinctively covered my mouth, Oh my God, my body has been inhabited by someone with a really good memory. How did this happen? Maybe there is something to this school thing after all. She sent me into the rows of shelves, but not for the Lattimore, they didn’t have that one. I didn’t want to disappoint her so I got a different version which will do just fine I’m sure. I came back to check it out, she was so happy, “It’s probably never been taken out,” she said sweetly, “Sometimes I feel so bad for them, they just sit there waiting…”
“Pick me! Pick me!” I offered lamely. She laughed.

4 responses to “AGP seeking SWF

  1. Isn’t it always those little moments?

    This reminds me I have to get to the library, pay my enormous fine, and pick up my copy of Greek Lyricists. Do you think the statistics has anything to do with memory sharpening? I just asked Tom what he thought and he said no, you were channeling. I think it is all good.

  2. I did wonder if the math had something to do with it, kind of like what they say about the association between music and math…I don’t know.

  3. I am a sucker for lonely books. I think about 1/3 of the books I own I have never read; some are still in their plastic covers. This is part of my scatter-gun approach to research. I get far too much then run out of time and have to be selective. Some are books that I feel I should read, and I hang on to them for that. And there are books that are so obscure I know that if I don’t give them a home they will end up homeless. Off the top of my head, one of these is called something like Bundling, the habit of people sharing beds in early north america. It sounds so cute, and may explain some of the stranger bits of Moby Dick. but I”ll probably never find the time to find out. Or maybe there’s a blog in it, if only I can remember where I left it…….

    • The stranger bits of Moby Dick are what got me through the remaining 9/10s of the book. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard while reading…that probably says something unflattering about my sensibility but oh well.

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