Truth of Tart


  Japan week in Grand Central Station: Feeling a sort of motion induced stupor I staggered out into the main concourse. The bright red lanterns drew me in; I stopped at the first table and sampled the green tea. Very nice. I perked up a bit. Next table, more green tea, but this one was “brown rice” green tea from the Sá tea company. That’s really quite good.

I’m a PG tips sort myself and  don’t even drink green tea but it was quite nice. I skipped the airline booth and came to stand in front of a young Japanese man pouring potato chips on a plate. I was intrigued. Had I missed something? Are potato chips of  Japanese origin? He motioned me forward, on the table were little white cups full of a clear brown liquid. The sign next to them said “Vinegar.” He offered me the chips, “Do I drink the vinegar?” I asked. “Yes, drink.”

I have a deep dark confession to make- I have a weakness for salt and vinegar chips. I can hardly be bothered to think of a better wine pairing. I know it’s wrong, contrary, redundant, but it’s true. Oh God I love them. I ate the proffered chip and then took a sip.  I nearly swooned. Oh dear lord, what a brilliant idea. 


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