Mysteries of the Mind (mine)

I made a Moroccan Tangine last night. Naturally a cherry pie was in order.

Well okay, I don’t know how my mind goes from Tangine to cherry pie, but there were some whom were happy it did.

And I am aware it’s ugly, but I firmly believe that if an American dessert is not ugly, it probably doesn’t taste good.


8 responses to “Mysteries of the Mind (mine)

  1. Cherry (especially sour cherry) pie is always poised to segue into my consciousness.

  2. It doesn’t look ugly at all. I’m not big on cherry pie but that looks really good.

  3. It’s not ugly. It’s home made. the ugliest thing is something mass produced sterile and tastes like nothing

  4. True, people seem to be easily mislead by a misconception of “perfection.” All I see is over-handling: whether it is pie or a botax wrinkle free face, the effects are ruinous to true beauty.
    I wouldn’t have my pies look any other way, I guess I’m just acknowledging that they don’t look the way the magazine ads pretend they should.

  5. Looks good Jessica. Hmmmm.

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