The Tao of Augustus

The Philosopher is in

My nine year old son and I were sitting at the table doing homework. He asked me what I was reading,
“Philosophy” I answered.
“What’s that?”
“Metaphysics, questions about being, why are we here, what’s the meaning or purpose of life, is there a God, how can we be happy…”
“I can answer those questions. Ask me.” He eagerly offered.
“Okay. Does God exist?” I start with a big one.
“I can prove that God exists and I can prove that he does not.”
“Well, how can you prove God exists?”
“We all talk – that didn’t come from nowhere. We have a language, otherwise we couldn’t talk about God.”
“And that God doesn’t exist?”
“Well you can’t see him. You can’t say, ‘here’s God.'”
“So does God exist or not?”
“Okay,” I say moving on, “What is our purpose, what is the meaning of life?”
I look at him expectantly, so he enunciates the words to make it simple for me,
“Have fun, be happy, live. l.o.v.e.”
“But Augie, what if something really sad happens and you are unhappy?”
“Kill yourself.” he says simply.
I wasn’t expecting that….“What if I’m really unhappy and I kill myself?”
He does not hesitate, “Then I’ll kill myself.”
I look at him quizzically, but he anticipates me,
“Don’t worry, there’s lots of people.” he adds reassuringly.
“Anything else?” he asks.
“What happens when we die?”
“Nothing. It’s over, we go back into the earth – Oh, mom: can I use a calculator to check my math answers?”

15 responses to “The Tao of Augustus

  1. He is terrifyingly wise for one so young. Well done.

  2. hahhaaaaa Stumped again by the brilliant Augustus.

  3. Brilliant!

  4. I l.o.v.e. that conversation! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Babacar and I are chuckling about Augie’s wisdom! Great!

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  9. Our children are raising us, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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