Hey call me

These are a few of my recent my text messages. Whoever last had my telephone number was quite the bon vivant, maybe a paid bon vivant with illiterate “clients” but hey….

Yeah I’m calling about your ad, call me. If you will, give me a call. Thank you. I’ll

just see if you’re around, okay thank you bye.

Hi I was wondering if you’re possibly available. Yeah 04 to get together for an hour I did

Hey Mr. This is a beer.Gimme a call back on what you’re at alright. Thanks.

second time that the tuition proceed but. If you I’ll give you a few more minutes, but I’m here okay take care bye.

I J is so. It’s George, and I was wondering if You’re so wanted to get his I guess for the

My number. Thanks. Bye. Hi This is George. Again, I’m across the street and I’ll wait for you to call me back. With your

Hi, can you please give me a call when you have a chance. Thanks. Hello.

equity. Can you look for, zilliant for some ways and Susan Smith, anyway. My name is Gil’s call me if you 12.

in the put it out then. I don’t know what syco bang bang a boy, dot, com we, you, this’d be shoot everything in Brazil booked. I noticed your photos

Every now and then I text them back. I say “I am not who you are looking for.” Once I got a text back, “Who are you then?” sigh. no one.




3 responses to “Hey call me

  1. Or maybe you are not who you think you are. The truth is out there…….

  2. I’m impressed by that old phone; and in grassy green no less! Is that a real phone or an art prop?

  3. It is a real phone. One of those nice heavy phones that feel so nice to hold. You can’t call out with it, but you feel just like Myrna Loy talking into it!

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