Here’s to a Clear Sky

My youngest son has his head always out towards the universe and we are really hoping to get a good look at the moon tonight! All our sublunary concerns  melting away in the rapture and wonders of our celestial ceiling…


7 responses to “Here’s to a Clear Sky

  1. any time, Frank. Plus he was a great actor – very brave playing a heroin addict drummer. I mean, who would admit to being a drummer? the shame!

  2. I am looking out for the moon too 🙂

  3. Looking out for the moon is always awesome… And I have some of the best views from my “veranda”… There’s almost no other light, apart from a few lamps on the road, so I can really “watch” her and her reflection on the sea… Sometimes it seems moon and sea are dancing, sometimes kissing, sometimes…well…maybe it’s me fantasizing but they show a lot of intimacy…
    On this exact day it rained here during the day and I forgot to look at the sky at night. How come?! It happens to me. I have no specific days to admire nature, although this one would be a different and more important one… But different it always is.
    Thank you for the song! Love it! Love Sinatra, as well! This is one of the huge list of my favs! It always also reminds me of a great film with Holly Hunter and Richard Dreyfuss, “Once Around” (1991). I leave you the link of the movie trailer, just in case…

    Love and hugs and… fly to the moon whenever you want to, wherever you are!


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