Trite and True

handle with care

I found this Robin’s egg shell on a walk the other day and carried it home to show my boys.
The jet stream of my pace was a constant threat: I had to hold it in such a way so that I didn’t crush it in an effort to keep it safe or let the force of the air take it from me and smash it mercilessly on the ground by too loose a hold.
This beautiful little shell became a sort of analogy of parenting, relationships to others, to one’s self.
That is until my own reductive peusdo profundity struck me and I just about crushed the thing from laughing. Ah yes, life in an eggshell. Walking on eggshells, a good egg, a rotten egg, you have to break an egg to make an omelette, huevos rancheros…well maybe not that last one, but if you can’t eat philosophy when you’re done with it – what good is it?


6 responses to “Trite and True

  1. true true true. I also found a robin’s egg and brought it in for show and tell! what a color–

  2. If you can’t eat philosophy when you’re done with it — great line!!

  3. This brought back a sudden horrible memory, when I was small (aged 9) I came upon a swans nest and I took an egg from it. It was only after I read this post that it suddenly hit me that I should not have done that, I did not make a connection until just now. Whoops.

  4. Yes Jessica, relationships like parenting need to be handled with care.

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