Swimming Still (The Tao of Augustus)

woven paint by Augustus Accardi (age 9)


“I can swim – I just don’t move anywhere!”

“I know the feeling Augie,”  I answer him laughing. It’s not the same as treading water. Not at all.

9 responses to “Swimming Still (The Tao of Augustus)

  1. Bit like life for me on occasion.

  2. rather more often than not…

  3. What!? 9 years old? This is great — very talented…

  4. yes, he’s my youngest and has really blossomed by my exhausted parenting technique of benign neglect. Who knew all they really need is to be left the hell alone!

  5. Spectacular aurally, visually, and conceptually. I was busy today and skimming through email, but when I saw that this post had something to do with Augie…not to be missed.

  6. Jessica you have to be proud of your son. This is a magnficient work of art. He is very talented … seriously this is beautiful.

  7. to be proud would be to suggest that I had anything to do with it….I have to give him full credit for being so unflappably centered.

  8. Is this the meaning of Be Here Now?

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