To the Point

If there is a greater joy to mankind than a sharp pencil with a full figured erasure on top, I know not what it is. A feeling of endless possibility over takes one at the mere sight of it. I love the internet, if for no other reason than to show me that I am not alone:

The amazing photo of Dalton M. Ghetti’s “Giraffe,” above, shows the length some people will go to in their adoration of the ubiquitous, humble, yet ingenious- pencil. I saw some of his pieces recently at the New Britain Museum of American Art and had to bring a postcard home to my brood. According to said postcard- “Giraffe carved out of the actual graphite of a carpenter’s pencil tip, using only fine sand paper, razor blade and a sewing needle, without the use of a magnifying glass. This piece took approximately 2 1/2 years to complete. Finished in July 1999.”

I’m not sure why the lack of a magnifying glass is necessary, I would be equally impressed by the tedious mastery without that detail. Mr. Ghetti, no need to ruin your eyes!


8 responses to “To the Point

  1. Thanks for sharing this image and background about the piece…

  2. Fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My favorite part of the vid is his expletive-rich take on mechanical pencil people… I think he should do stand-up comedy… Overall, though, made me yearn to sharpen up a #2 and start scribbling…

  4. I believe we should all value the tools of our trade, and I love the camel, but paying to sharpen your pencils? How utterly pathetic.

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