Mean People Suck

photo by Marco Accardi

I was hard at work on my computer when I got this text:

“My name is P—- T—- towards time with you, please gimme a call much. Bye.”

My number, apparently, once belonged to some sort of a prostitute. As I have previously related, I get a lot of these sorts of texts. I don’t know why, sometimes I think of the person waiting for a call back that’s not going to come….since he said “please” I thought I would let him know:

“Wrong number”

This is the response I got back (the following is an exact transcript):

“Go kill yourself”

I’m actually quite wounded by that so I respond:


He continues:

“Always texting me the same shit u low life”

Wait, what? But I think I must be talking to an angry sad person so I try to be empathetic, I text back:

“I don’t know you. You don’t know me. My number is recycled. Sorry. Life’s hard here too.”

“You sound stupid! You been texting me the same shit for months same number same shit lowlife! Like get a grip dude”

Empathy emphatically not returned. I try humor:

“Also, Im not a dude. Stupid – likely. Male -not.”

“Well a stupid Cunt then leave me the fuck alone hoe before i report your number”

That was uncalled for. I write, then erase:” Asshole you texted me,” and instead send:

“you texted me. I hit reply. Why are you so mean?”

“Bitch stop lying I didn’t hit u up I have the whole convo u fat discusted  both go kill your mom leav the fuck alone”

At this point I realize there must be some weird issue with the phone whereby my replies go to his number so I offer:

“Whatever. Cell phone snafu. Chill out. I get a ton of text from previous num holder. Reply seems to go to you. Geesh.”

He does not respond.

I guess from now on I’ll just have to leave the johns waiting by their phones which won’t reply. ever.


14 responses to “Mean People Suck

  1. Have you thought of changing the number?

  2. Sounds like your phone has a doppelganger. Maybe my people shoudl be talking to your phone. Doyou thinnk this guy is friends with Erica from Oxford?

  3. This is scary! At least you didn’t feed into the anger!

  4. awesome sauce

    High ground my ass. Next time text me the idiot’s number, I’ll call them and give those dumb motherfuckers a run for their money. Vile imbecile.
    -your ever loving daughter

  5. I should have named you Temperance.

  6. What . . . a pathetic . . . total . . . and complete . . . jackass!

  7. David Lynch’s take on what he’d like to do to mean people….

  8. Aww, I felt like you were getting beat up on the text. I wanted to say , Stop talking to her like that. You conversation reminded me of a person that I attempted to friend on a networking sight. The person replied, Why should I friend you, What do you have to offer me as a human being and professionally. I laugh at the mean spirit of his response to a networking request. So I went to his page to read a little more about him and realized that my little light in this world would only disturb the vast darkness in his life. So I responded politely back, I would have nothing to offer you, sorry to have wasted your time. It is unfortunate that many people are so angry that it may potentially cloud the joys that another human being may have to offer to lighten their over load. But as my granny always said, “Many a good things will be passed by when you have blinders on”. Stay encouraged!

  9. You’re surprised because you belong to the good souls and are totally unaware of cruel world. This experience of yours is so “mean” I can’t even say a word about it… I don’t know why, but things like this have already happened to me, too. Answering politely seems not to help, but to worsen the situation…
    I guess Kim is totally right. I thank her too.



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