Broken Woman

Propped up by books…


oil clay sculpture undergoing repair by artist Victoria Accardi


4 responses to “Broken Woman

  1. Is this yours? It’s lovely — and I love the nail polish!

  2. no, my daughter’s…she’s brilliant.

  3. Wow!
    Was this “women” broken by accident? (well, this “broken” could have a purposeful meaning).
    Is it your daughter’s work / art related to sculpture or repairing it is her art, too?
    Awesome work! Congrats! A gift, indeed!
    She has your sensitive side… 😉



  4. My daughter is still a student, but she loves sculpture. She used the wrong wire for this piece which is why it cracked. She fixed it so that we could photograph it and then she plans to scrap it and reuse the clay (it’s expensive). But I did like the broken-ness. I had wanted to position books with some editorial purpose but we were too hurried to get it propped up, and then I liked what it suggested on the whole anyway….

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