Livin’ Hard

The usual camp fare: roasted tomatoes, pesto, assorted cheeses, vegetables for grilling, molasses and chocolate chip cookies, and Swedish cardamon coffee bread stuffed with almond paste.


In typical fashion, my friends and our 15 or so children are taking an anti-vacation this weekend: camping.  That’s how we do it: the hard way.  It’s what we love.

I always make Swedish coffee bread (with cardamon and almond paste) to heat over the fire for breakfast.

I love the feel of dough. It is such a sensual experience. Dusting the dough with flour reminds me of powdering a baby’s bottom, the sweet, dry, cool skin. Kneading the dough it yields in my hand much in the same way that a body would accept and slightly resist  my touch.

After all, the relentless work of camping really is worth the lovely victuals and companionship under the stars. At least that is my thinking today: we’ll see what I say Sunday…


5 responses to “Livin’ Hard

  1. That’s wuss camping. We used to have burnt everything that wasn’t spoiled by the heat or ants. Probably why I turned vegetarian.

  2. That’s what I call camping!!! Why not?!!

  3. I love bread, all kinds, and that one looks amazing!!!

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