The Plural of Plentitude

I read that: the plural of plentitude, in a Julio Cortázar story. I loved the alliteration and the twisted meaning. There are times when words cannot justify or explain or express…they feel wholly inadequate to the task, or we fall short of the execution. The adjectives, qualifiers, punctuation and other modifiers that we employ to express the nuance- the wondrous, endless nuance of our lives and emotions in words, are endless. Any yet, the power that a simple word can hold is awing. If I tell you I love you, and it’s true- there’s nothing more to say.

That’s what I love the most about words – their stark powerful simplicity and their intense tangled complexity. Like people, no?

8 responses to “The Plural of Plentitude

  1. Anohter great post – and another mention of Julio Cortaza, whose short stories I am slowly discovering. and am very impressed with. Soemehting about him reminds me of some of the Czech writers, coming from police states, they respond with humour and the bizare rather than being miserable or angry….

  2. Just finished The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides and more than anything else I loved his ability to do just what I think you’re writing about; in this instance, the awing power of words to capture those salient experiences that define moments and lives. I am so thankful to find writers that have this ability.

    • I keep looking at that book, I will put it on my reading wish list for the summer. The summer, being this summer, that I imagined I would read so many books on my list but which we are already well into and I haven’t even begun. Oh well.

  3. leapintothelight

    A favorite philosopher of mine, Maurice Merleau-Ponty had a lot to say on this. Above find a really great quote from his work, Signs.

  4. Yes, so true. Words are powerful. Thought and meaning illusive. People complex.

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