and there is also the flower EUTYCHIA a sort of carnation
                           that does not exist yet it is only a name
but it will be
before worlds collapse and our ashes drain into chaos
afterwards after this after the early apparition of the beautiful burnt flower
                                                                              EUTYCHIA once and for all  
– From Eutychia

Victoria Accardi

but that doesn’t matter anymore
someone like a pyramid a sarcophagus or mostly like a sphinx sleeps there
his eyes lines desperately inscribing convulsive signs obscure hieroglyphics
and lo comes EUTYCHIA desending the black marble stairway
covered in ruby velvet
and the rush of herds is heard under my window

bring your breast near my face I am in agony I tell her
keep silent with a death tongue

– From Eutychia, by Gellu Naum translated from Romanian by Margento and Martin Woodside


7 responses to “Lo,

  1. Your daughter is brilliant. Piercing green eyes and fantastic work on the freckles.

    Is the portrait of you, Jessica?

  2. No, it is of my eldest son’s girlfriend (she has fantastic red hair that you can see in the painting partially blocked by my daughter on the back wall). My eyes, although sometimes of a green hue, are woefully un-piercing!

    But it is true, she is brilliant. Quite so.

  3. Lovely, sad poem…

    Beautiful and talented your daughter! Her profile is awesome. She looks like you, seen like this from the back…
    It must be rather comforting to have such a sensitive “child”. She got sensitiveness from you, I’m sure of it!

    Love, C.

  4. for me, green eyes is the most beautiful…

    My current web blog

  5. Amazing work on the painting there.

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