Visual Victuals

pencil drawing by Victoria Accardi (2009)

I took my daughter and youngest son to an art opening this evening. My daughter was of course game-  my son?…well it is amazing what the promise of a cheese and cracker spread will do to convince a ten year old.

We saw some very nice drawings and a couple of beautiful photographs by Carolyn Monastra that were wonderfully titled “lovely, dark, and deep.” My son, Augie, generously shared with me 1/2 a handful of the goldfish that he scored off the buffet table while we stood in front of a curiously uninspiring painting of red paint on paper stapled and, as Augie noted with reverence:  taped to the wall – he is a sucker for tape, string, rope, glue and all of the basic building blocks that his own “projects” are endlessly requiring.

The show is at Artspace in New Haven, CT until September 15th. I attended another opening there a few months ago that is well worth noting as it is a traveling show and if you have the opportunity to see it, you should – The Hudson Valley Seed Library which combines the art of gardening with visual arts in the way of their seed packaging: each package is designed by an individual artist. They are beautiful and the seeds within are all heirloom. I am not a gardener, just a lover of the bounty of a garden as well as the beautiful pieces of art that encase the seeds. Visual beauty meets Victual beauty. A perfect match.


6 responses to “Visual Victuals

  1. In the gardens where I work, in the shop they sold heirloom seeds. I got to learn a little about them.

  2. I love that you strongly encourage the arts in your children. You don’t see them as wastes of time.

    You’re the best!

  3. It’s good to take you kids to galleries even if they don’t seem interested. It is like playing sport or eating greens – something you don’t appreciate until you are older. I often find stuff I love at shows I have no expectations of. I took a course in romantic fiction for the same reason – thought so many people raving about Jame austen must mean she was crap. I was easily converted.

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