Why Wait?

Blueberry Pie (cut before it cooled)

If only I had waited,
an unmarred beauty was mine.

But if I am to be sated,
the inevitable entropy is our bind.

Why be belated?
Now tastes just as fine.

6 responses to “Why Wait?

  1. Jess,
    things seem to happen in our lives for some (good) reason… Otherwise we’re cursed…
    I don’t believe you’re to be sated… Oh, no!
    If now tastes just fine, enjoy it. Well…you’ve already said it and I agree with you! Carpe Diem! Whether it be baking a pie, reading a nice book, taking a long, warm, bath, flirting with the sun or the moon, whatever…
    Life is surprisingly a great surprise!
    Love the way you put love and beauty in anything you do! That’s hope and belief and not any kind of entropy… Look at your pies!



  2. Indeed. Consider the past, plan and hope for the future but spend some time living in the now. It’s all important.

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