unwind the web


The night assigns us its magic
task. To unravel the universe,
the infinite ramifications
of effects and causes, all lost
in that bottomless vertigo, time.
Tonight the night wants you to forget
your name, your elders and your blood,
every human word and every tear,
what you would have learned from staying awake,
the illusory point of the geometricians,
the line, the plane, the cube, the pyramid,
the cylinder, the sphere, the sea, the waves,
your cheek on the pillow, the coolness
of the fresh sheet, gardens,
empires, the Caesars and Shakespeare
and the hardest thing of all, what you love.
Oddly enough, a pill can
erase the cosmos and erect chaos.
— Jorge Luis Borges.


6 responses to “unwind the web

  1. Can we ever have enough of Borges? Thanks for sharing.

  2. That was a welcome interjection into my day….
    a poem between Adobe Illustrator and the dentist chair…..

  3. love your pictures!

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