The Tao and Grammar of Augustus

My 10 year old son came to me with a serious problem- he wanted to know why there was no punctuation for the opposite of an exclamation point. I sympathized. I asked him for an example of what he meant and he gave me a sentence  spoken with an acute underwhelmed emphasis:
And it kept on going
I told him that I usually put three periods at the end of a sentence like that:
And it kept on going…
but he was rightly and righteously dissatisfied. He suggested this:
And it kept on going .

His unenthusiastic interjection will be a period under a line- it is less than...less than a period. Minus the finality, surety and seriousness of a full stop. A perfect indication of the all important tone of sarcasm. He is correct, as usual. I wish there was a body of grammatical overseers that I could forward his complaint and remedy to, but I only have you.

15 responses to “The Tao and Grammar of Augustus

  1. What a charming boy you have and very thoughtful, too.

  2. How did you type the new punctuation mark?

    • I am besides myself with joy that you asked! It was not easy. But after working on the problem for quite some time I was able to make the mark, as he wanted it, by using the cross out (next to the italics and bold) tab and then typing a plain old period. Once I get something in my head I have a very hard time letting it go. I think I wasted close to 40 min.

  3. I like it! I may have to design a graphic for it!

  4. That must be his thinking cap.

  5. When parents take their kids seriously (like taking 40 minutes to figure out how to craft the new punctuation mark) the kids take on serious responsibilities…like inventing new grammar…very encouraging.

  6. Intersting point. Just start using it and see if it catches on. If your son wants it, maybe lots of others do. cheers

  7. The wisdom of Augustus goes from strength to strength.

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