A Trance of Fancy

                                                              So I loved a dream?
My doubt, a mass of ancient night, concludes
in many a subtle branch, which, since the real woods
remain, proves, alas! what I offered to myself
as triumph was the ideal lack of roses.
Let’s think it over…

-Stéphane Mallarmé, from The Afternoon of a Faun


7 responses to “A Trance of Fancy

  1. “Now behind the eyes and secrets of the dreamers in the streets rocked to sleep by the sea, see the titbits and topsyturvies, bobs and buttontops, bags and bones, ash and rind and dandruff and nailparings, saliva and snowflakes and moulted feathers of dreams…”

    ~Dylan Thomas
    from, Under Milkwood

  2. Love your new gravatar btw!

  3. yes, what he said. I am definitely realing today from the ideal lack of roses.

  4. a concluding mass of them….

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