Et tu?


Because of you it’s always minus 2.
The sky! The stars!
A satisfying report card-
deflate beneath
your downturned haste.
Those hours of past regard
questioned by aging days,
(the executioner sighs)
and I? I go to waste.
Because of you it’s always minus 2.
Reflection’s rueful gaze
as always soon retards
the sublunary ardor that
does linger here.
Join the ranks, Brute.
I could have not believed
the things that won’t come due.
I should have, after all,
in this world of minus 2.

JA (2012)


4 responses to “Et tu?

  1. I’ve never looked at Cesar’s demise as a pity. He was a stereotypical egocentric and sociopathic tyrant, and I don’t like tyrants at all.

    Murder is the worst thing that anyone can do to another human being but I actually feel terribly for Brute to have to commit the act that would save others lives from Ceasar’s murderous and limitless narcissism, an act that even the senators who put him up to carrying out couldn’t do themselves.

    They were cold. I put them in Cesar’s boat.

    • After all, we are all capable of being tyrants.
      It’s not about Cesare, it’s about the shock of discovering that your faith in someone has been assassinated, that shock, summed up so perfectly in two words, forever oppresses complete joy in the world.

  2. Brilliant, Jess!

    “Because of you, it’s always minus 2.” / “I go to waste.” / “(…) in this world of minus 2” ,

    I’m cold, I feel freezing,
    I feel nothing,
    I’m nothing,
    (Who are you?)

    You’ve made me feel the coldness of disappointment and disbelief…
    I’m freezing inside…
    How am I to defrost?!
    (Where are you?)

    I feel nothing. You’re nothing.
    I am empty.
    It’s still minus 2.
    (The hell with you!)

  3. That’s good. As I wrote it I liked that minus two strongly suggest temperature, even though in my head it was more a scale, if an experience is good or great, there is always a “tax” taken off the top by this underliing loss. But it was that line that rolled about in my head for a while, I’m glad it inspired you as well!

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