Like water, for meaning


Translator, speak to me.
Press the words of others to my ears.
By you they hum and sigh,
the buoyant tide’s realized.

When we meet along the curve,
you carry what can be,
brook what’s really true:
that fathomless  depth of – me too.

Last night I read another’s,
and missed your filling touch.
what was left was just
a hollow: an empty senselessness.

Turn the words towards me,
shape the water by your hand.
It’s our meaning that must matter,
be it – l’aqua, l’eau, oder Wasser.

JA (2012)


2 responses to “Like water, for meaning

  1. Your words are ambivalent, and cause one to stir from their comfort zone, to extract meaning one has to press their ears to ground like a native American, only then can the earth speak

  2. The raw material of my words, in their arrangement, can’t help but leave room for your meaning – it’s all in the pressing between you and me.

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