Pysche’s Luxury


There, in the halting step,
her wailing cry imbues
empty hands that grasp
a mind come unglued.
Her serpent flown, and yet,
the gods remain unmoved.
Pysche, nash your teeth,
your pale skin has told
a heart brought down by
envy and curiosity’s hold.
Still, there is a luxury of old-
your outward show’s
without complaint.
Sympathy of Nature’s grace
given without restraint.
Where we must hide our woes,
lucky you, ascend as saint.
Don’t ask us –how are you?
as we gaze upon our toes.
Within this cold purview,
our sole haven is – no one knows.

JA (2012)


6 responses to “Pysche’s Luxury

  1. This is good, Jessica.

  2. Cathy that means a lot to me, coming from you. Thank you.

  3. I’m always mesmerized by well-made calcite marble sculptures. It’s gorgeous.

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