End of the World Fare


Start the new age with a warm bun in your hand, a sweet taste on your tongue, and just a few nuts for fun.


15 responses to “End of the World Fare

  1. A perfect way to start anything probably!!!

  2. I’m surrounded by the nuts, and my buns are relatively warm, but waiting for the sweet taste….!

  3. You’ve done it again! Delightful!

  4. Ha, ha, Tasha! These look amazing, Jessica. Maybe I will be inspired to make something similar…..

  5. They look so good!

    The people who have locked themelves into their panic rooms and fallout shelters, and tuned out of the world are missing out. I hope they enjoy their 60-years worth of canned goods rations while the planet keeps on turning.

  6. Good way to end the world on, whilst eating your home made buns.

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