Remember me.


I’ll accept the inertia of a fait d’accompli
on paths that were forged yet still live and breathe.
synapse, synapse, synapse, let it be.
There may be nothing more to say, flawed
signals dragged along the paths of certitude
were always decayed.

But here I am, each day.
Bigger than all that I see, freer in a heart that bleeds.
The insult to forget what I didn’t feign-
a gratuitous knife
cutting the black ink of history
that scabs across the salty rivers of my life.

I’ve paid the tolls and rolled the dice,
awakening the only one that cares about my strife;
that eternal ember is me, Tat tvam asi.
Waxing, waning, and pushed away.
What I have made, and all the things I say.
A swelling largeness of what can be,
my own clarion call of- remember me.

JA (2012)

7 responses to “Remember me.

  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Jessica!

  2. Great, great, great!!!

    After all, this “remember me” is also all about Xmas!



  3. Now, and commenting on the poem itself… I’m quite sure that this “poetic self” will be remembered. How could he / she not be?!
    Feeling so intensely and so deeply, even when misunderstood, even when undervalued, even when hurt, this “poetic subject” won’t be forgotten. He / she’s too great a creature to “allow” others to forget about him / her. And those who hurt him / her will remember him / her in the first place if they own a conscience. (When we look back in life we only remember who did us some good; the others we try or tend to forget!) Even if that conscience just “rings the bell” once in a lifetime. But when it does, it surely scares the hell out of them!

  4. Have a great Christmas & New Year, and thanks for sharing all the great literature. See you next year, and hope its a great one for all of us. Cheers!

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