It’s a Matter of Trust

Does it matter that I love you
if you are a car?
Our intimate lives
revealed on the tar.
My body embraced against
your cupping seat,
I turn the dial to
increase the heat.
There is no reason to believe
that you will care for me.
But when I turn on the brights
the illuminated is mine to see;
the thicket of brush
blackens so comfortably.
Tangled trees and dodgy roads
are all left behind
only memories remain,
at a simmer in good times.
You wouldn’t tell (sole witness
to my deepest woes).
No, you obligingly take me
wherever I need to go.
My best and my worst
have all lived and died
within the red walls
of your moving insides.

JA (12/2012)

7 responses to “It’s a Matter of Trust

  1. Sometimes you have to getaway from it all. Just to get your bearings, and then return to everything and everyone else.

    Other than being speedy on a solemn but not lonely highway (out in the country I take it), what kind of car?

  2. I worked the words, in lieu of pleads, while I drove home from work last night in the height of a snow storm.
    Kept me focused in my little standard shift Mazda – which in better conditions is fun to drive. My son calls me Schumacher haha.

  3. Thanks for this, Jess!

    It was X-mas… and all I missed was my car!
    It was New Year’s Eve… and I missed my car!
    It’s New Year’s Day and I miss my car.
    I’ve been missing it (him) so terribly for two weeks. There’s a huge empty space in my “new” car:
    empathy; trust; love; caring; belonging; soul-mates; history; singing; freedom; friendship. Love at first drive.

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