Riddle Me That

I saw the sphinx today
made complete
in the space of a single day
I wanted to ask it
if it had something to say
Not the answer, pray
simply the question, if I may

JA (12/2012)

2 responses to “Riddle Me That

  1. ask why do the songbirds sing
    and the moon beams
    and people cling
    while below it all a flower blooms
    from soil not tilled
    I woke up and saw my shadow
    granting me ten thousand lives
    and I begun to build a fire
    from the simple things I have accumulated
    you may

  2. songbird told me it was all for you
    the moon admits the sun’s purview
    people cling because it’s fun
    and more’s the beauty of a flower
    left undone.
    But I. I awoke and my nose was cold.
    My one life has left me old.
    I always did what I was told.
    Is it too late, I wonder, to be bold?

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