Synching Oblivion


Ek herhaal jou (I repeat you)

I repeat you
    Without beginning or end,
    I repeat your body.
    The day has a thin shadow
    and the night yellow crosses
    the landscape without regard
    and the people a row candles
    while I repeat you
    with my breasts
    that reforms the hollows of your hands
– Ingrid Jonker

Synching Oblivion

I have the sinking feeling
that I’m the disappeared
Repeating the same delusion-
(quagmire of Elysian near)
Shall I use a word here
that expresses my confusion?
(Why must I always hear
the repeating rhyme that’s left?)
When all I really want to know is
what dark alley it was kicked
when you tore it
from my breast

– JA (1/2013)


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