Récolte des Oranges à Capri by Edouard Alexandre Sain

Currently on view at the Smith College Museum of Art. Hanging in the dark quiet space the whites pop.  Startlingly beautiful,  the Italian sun warms your arm while the sweet oily scent of oranges linger just above-head.

Am I a little bothered by the girls leaning the full weight of their bodies on the baskets? I am. Either the baskets would not hold, or the discomfort would force a repositioning. But it is only because I am about to be transported into the scene that I even bother to imagine on which spot and in which state of repose I will lie.

In the meantime the harvest of my brother’s orange tree in California has made the most sublime candy.


Reaping the sown
tang sweet so keen.
Heavy scents have known
forbidden contents of my dreams.
It’s too late. Too late to forget
ambrosial fruits between.

10 responses to “Récolte

  1. your clean lines make it so much more appetizing

  2. respite from January in every way

  3. Imagine if all those people had to hold that position for the painter if he was using real actors as some do.

  4. delicious

  5. I love orange peel candy. I’ve made it before and like to dip one end in chocolate… love the combination of flavors.

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