In Deep

IMG_1266Afraid to move or breathe
lest I disturb this exquisite hold.
Floating in a frozen sea,
waiting in forlorn
anticipation of release
or the ripe tide of
my wavering executioner.
But you know, my stroke is yare
Only the force of my breath
could betray me.
That rapturous roil
at the helm of our heart,
the shock of being heard
never less than the screaming
silence of my drowned desire.
Quietly, ever so quietly
the dark water is deep,
Assassin, I am already
belly up.

JA /2013

photograph taken by Eric Accardi

8 responses to “In Deep

  1. Yikes.
    Just reading “the Body” by Stephan King. It’s rather excellent with its mixture of swaggering boyish banter and mundane details of a childhood adventure and on the other hand it’s penetrating focus on the reality of death.

    • Isn’t that the story the film Stand By Me is based on?
      I remember clearly the moment I understood that we would all die…standing in the bathroom with my friend, next-door neighboor and really, first love, we were probably 7 or 8 playing together. He killed me – and I thought…I’m dead. But being dead was better than having my heart broken when he moved away.

  2. I like this. mysterious, and really plays off thoughts of looking at that picture.

  3. Good Lord you’re really good!

  4. So that really is a fish dead in the water.

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