DSCI0010Slayed by a look,
a scolding glance.
I will defend-

I never forsook
a delicious chance
taken to the end.

I wouldn’t brook
the chocolate tempest
its pretend.

Half crazed,
it’s you; you that I crave.


DSCI0026Chocolate cupcakes with espresso Swiss meringue butter-cream

proper music for baking…



8 responses to “Slayed

  1. A delicious looking poem as much as your cakes.

  2. Love love love, the music, the poem, the image of you, and of course those insanely beautiful cupcakes — good lawd! And how do you stay so thin making all these goodies! I just wish I could have one of those cupcakes, oh I wish I could have one! I’ve got to scroll up again to look at them…geez!

  3. Creative rhyme scheme.

  4. You must know that you cannot show these things without including a recipe!!

    • In this case the cake is negligible- which is almost never the case, but Swiss meringue butter creams are a little tricky. If you haven’t made it before, we have something to do next time we are together, if you have made them I would have to say what made this one particularly spectacular was I mixed the espresso powder (around 1-2 T) with 2 T of rum. Delicious.

      • I will have you know I had to hunt down a piece of chocolate because of this post.
        I will look forward to being your stagiaire sometime down the road!

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