Prolixity, Thy Name is S.A.T.

Evanesce the pain,
of sitting at the skimpy school desk
gently holding my brain.
Trying to repair the wreck
I wrought; maybe staking a claim.

All the hard looks that say-
you don’t belong here,
are nothing new today.
Never mind the end’s not near,
over the Rubicon I’ll stay.

Another hurdle’s shown,
despite all of my loves,
(someday I’ll have it honed)
it’s the same as it ever was-
I just go it alone.


*Post-SAT fare. Kids, my fellow test takers – don’t try this at home: Spanish Cava and Punitions (a French butter cookie).


12 responses to “Prolixity, Thy Name is S.A.T.

  1. OK,That made me laugh. The image of those so neat and tidy biscuits (as they are called in the UK) and your neat and tidy rhyme.
    In a similar situation, I think of myself as invisible here at my son’s college….

  2. Well done for taking such a challenge, with the added hurdle of recovering from Spanish Cava.

  3. OK, that flashed me back to being in school, hoping that I had the answers, and being painfully aware…..that I only had some…..

  4. Hate that clock ticking thing. Thank goodness for cookies.

  5. I like the buscuits but which of Nabokov’s books is that in the background?

    • King, Queen and Knave. I don’t think I actually own another one of his…I try not to accumulate too many books, but that one is very pretty, sturdy, arresting with all the white, I like it.

  6. Most courageous Jessica.

  7. thanks for sharing your goodies with me – i am honored to be your friend.
    oh, and the poem – it works on so many levels. another beauty!

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