Cruller and Cruller


Scald my heart, breath so tight,
the trick’s in keeping the heat just right.
Permeate from bottoms to cheeks,
in the oil we’re immersed-
I am  luscious, annular, crispy sweet.
But the peril of saturation
is a danger not oblique-
why must I drown in this pot of an
absorption incomplete?

I’ve never yet made it right,
just a simple fool for pure delights.
Bitter greasy memories that stay
hellish, cold and crueler every day,
So I try my might and scald my heart;
I’m told the trick’s in keeping far apart.


13 responses to “Cruller and Cruller

  1. Did you make that poem? Haha that’s funny, but true!

  2. Yes, funny how description of sizzling cruller is apt for aspects of a person’s life too. I was trying to picture the cheeks on the cruller though….

  3. somehow fold in that evil lady from One Hundred and One Dalmatians

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