A Banished View


Your head lay sweetly on my lap
hair turned red, another dream
of my complete collapse.
In bright colors I did linger,
while on white stripes I made a map-
your song: still known with artful fingers.

Eyes open in the dark’s recant
still held by Eleutherios’ minion.
In his grip I remain verdant,
Can something be so true?
or am I sadly pinioned
to a thing that’s base and rude?

The fruit for which I was made
was kicked far out of view.
And an empty void should go away
azure and bright, if blue.
Yet the Serpent’s bite which makes it stay
ever muddles up the hue.



5 responses to “A Banished View

  1. I really enjoyed how the text and image worked together in this post.

    • a dream I had- there was a character in The Master and Margarita that had red hair…the mind is a convoluted thing- always trying to make sense, I’d rather make rhyme. Sense has long eluded me.

  2. Nice. The lines kind of throw one’s comprehension back and forth…the experience is the mental version of suddenly subjecting oneself at the age of 50-something to a game of dodgeball with pre-teens and realizing that one’s perception and reaction time is just not what it used to be….must read that line again and remember to pay attention to the period…that kind of thing.

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