DSCI0049Painstaking gait try to stay on top
three feet below before I stop.
Trudging exaggeration of each small step
breaks the white ocean with dots of depth.
My heart, my heart
pounds and aches
my heart, my heart
too late to break.
To feel it now about to burst
a concert of every muscle, strained and hurt.
The certainty in which I’m stuck
another solitary path that I have struck.
Fall back, fall back
in the cold embrace
fall back, fall back
to numb the place.



8 responses to “Pathfinder

  1. Part II: In by the warm fire with a hot cup of tea…..

  2. I recognize that path.

  3. You are a very talented lady. I love this.

  4. The beauty of the pathfinder is they mark and clear the way for those that follow.

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