Out There

DSCI0014The answer can be found
on page two hundred and ten.
You see, I said, I think
this is the problem with men
We’ve got it all down
somewhere in a book
but nobody knows in which one
we should look.



10 responses to “Out There

  1. Out there is right; out there in the middle, the middle of nowhere; where you wake up and feel the need to make yellow snow and you write your name as only schoolboys can; and you find that missing page and you bring it to her and she feels all over again what had begun years before in the rain.

    • The book of me, the book of you
      pages missing, blacked out and blue
      scattered to the center
      we find out what’s true
      a peed on piece of paper
      I just barely knew.
      You hand it to me, I’ll take it from you
      that feeling of rain
      that wets and renews.
      You’ll take my hand,
      and the paper I threw,
      sweetly place it back in my book
      as only the schoolboys do.

  2. I feel a little sheepish. I was going to say, “Like,” then read the comment above. A Charlie Brown moment.

  3. I, on the other hand, was going to write, “at least you’re invested in looking for the problem, unlike others of us who are beyond caring.” But then, I too read the beautiful interchange above, and wondered if I couldn’t have a little more compassion.

  4. The problem of recording anything is attempting to find it again.

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