Ode to Tarkovsky (The Sacrifice)


There is only that one, the weak one preserved,
despite all of the talk, cheap and perverse.
The one that loved without reserve,
the one often wasted by a quick reverse.
It seems a gift given at the moment of birth
like fire and water, air and the earth,
a growing knowing of what will usurp
a life fulfilled or a common felt dearth?
That first breath shared, in which we ceased the search
and found in that one, our true sense of mirth.


2 responses to “Ode to Tarkovsky (The Sacrifice)

  1. I had to look up Tarkovsky in order to gain a little understanding of this. It has helped.

    I am not familiar with his work. Only the American film adaptation of Solaris starring G. Clooney. I’m a lifelong sci-fi addict, and I remember, when that film came out, reading the background notes about it. Tarkovsky was briefly mentioned as the original writer, and that he even produced the story in film.

    The Soviet hardliners must have viewed Tarkovsky with extreme suspicion; unable to fully accuse him of being a free-thinker and; therefore, a threat to the state, but also viewing the cleverly strong pragmatism of his philosophical and near-mystical artistic expression as an asset to continuing the spread of their political dogma.

    He must have been one of the best subverters of cold war Communism. Virtually undetectable, virtually insuppressible all the while certainly affecting the minds of intellectuals in high places.

    To this day, the fall of Soviet Communism is regarded as a modern miracle. None of the spying, threats, political jockeying or arms scare tactics relly did the trick. The wall seemed to have just collapsed on its own weight. Although I think Gorbachev’s soft Communist approach (hardliner my foot) played a part, perhaps the real heros in the achievement were the Tarkovsky’s of that era.

    • Tarkovsky’s Solaris is a very different film from the George Clooney, much more interesting and strange. But you should see Stalker- truly a wonder both visually and thematically. He’s brilliant.

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