Some Sweet Today


Pennies on the dollar
mind and time sold cheap,
I always told my babies
your worth is yours to keep.

When it came to look within,
the scold that would deplete
blithely piled on cruel
complications, often incomplete

Somewhere from within
a voice was smothered deep,
yet forced a new direction,
t’was said- a reckless leap

My heart flayed in all directions,
reached for  hand to meet
Lo, despite devaluations
scores of succor there to reap

Soothing doubts by proving,
a worth that can defeat
What seems to be ascending
is a new day- and it’s sweet



6 responses to “Some Sweet Today

  1. ‘Soothing doubts by proving, a worth that can defeat.’
    And now you know, your worth is mighty, your reckless leap, not so reckless! You get a brilliant and shiny new life! Brava! Brava!

  2. La dolce vita…spero! Grazie,Cara mia.

  3. it’s a bit of a job getting through the verses for my old head, but after I twist and turn, I arrive at… a rewarding moment of hopeful calm. Hope at last eh?

  4. You have the confidence of a weathered pro.

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