En Plein Air


The Nun’s Quarter on a sunny day

One day in the sun
in a near two-year run
cold rainy and blue.
What’s done is done
below a roiling fountain
of all that never came through.
To always be shunned
by those called loved ones
leads to a heart withdrew.
Alone with the stun
the life of a nun
dreaming of what wouldn’t ensue.
And so I’ve begun
a life redone
Adieu to all that I rue.
The nun’s quarters repose
is gratefully closed,
And for that, I’ll always thank you.

JA/2013  for King Richard, the Lady and Knight


6 responses to “En Plein Air

  1. And here I leave you a sigh.

  2. Who exactly is getting thanked I wonder….and the image of the nun’s quarters is surprisingly cheerful and sad at the same time.

    • the lovely family we are staying with, the loving friends that I have. all of them.
      yes, Victoria said “oh you know you always wanted to be a nun!” I didn’t name it that, someone who saw it did, I just thought it was funny, apt, sad…life.

  3. I read it as a declaration of personal independence.

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