Mountain of Unsaid


The Mountain of Unsaid,
where I let none dare tread,
looms over me whilst laying in bed
pressing in a shameful dread.

Unsaid Mountain, my voice it did take.
Immune alas, all attempts to berate.
A naïve mountaineer abandoned by fate
under dark shadows standing in wait.

Unsaid Mountain no one’s ever seen,
maps unfurled within my dreams.
Someday, someone will know what I mean
hand in hand, on the Mountain of Unsaid’s green.

JA/2013 inspired by tocksin


11 responses to “Mountain of Unsaid

  1. Re: Mountain of Unsaid.

    Sometimes the fear of what may happen is right in your face and is so high that you cant climb over it, so wide that you cannot get around it and so deep that you cant go under it. But since the one other characteristic of fear of what may happen, that is to say, of what hasnt happened yet, and is, therefore, impossible to know, is that it is also paper thin. You can poke your finger right through it then tear it apart and walk straight ahead. Or, if you prefer, burst through it like an athlete rushing out on to the field for the big game.


  2. Maybe I should invest in a helmut

  3. Another dichotomy. As it can be good for one’s nerves to get off the chest the mountainous things that one may want to say, sometimes it’s good to hold one’s tongue because what is to be said could destroy one’s entire world and innocent lives in it.

    It’s often never an easy answer.

  4. This is something I’m dealing with right now as well. How much to say and to whom? Have reverted to journalling to ‘get stuff off my chest’ and try and arrange my thoughts in such a way to not ‘destroy one’s entire world and innocent lives in it’. Thanks for blogging.

  5. But wouldn’t innocent lives be saved by speaking? And isn’t one’s entire life already a bit messed with?

  6. I’m not a huge fan of poetry but I LOVE yours!

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