Fallen Scout

Why would one make a Girl Scout Samoa?
A group I was thrown out of, maybe I told ya?
Reprobate at heart
They were clued-in from the start
By my resistance to green polyester
And a preference to shy self-sequester.

Badge one for the cookie was easily had,
Badge two melting caramel wasn’t so bad,
Toast your coconut nicely for badge number three
Burn your fingers on chocolate if you do it like me.
Put it all together for badge number four,
Then share them with friends who wish you’d made more.

Why would one make a Girl Scout Samoa?
The leader of my troop could not have been colder.
So the badges I have were hand-made on my own,
Needle and thread to my heart they were sown.
But now that I am decidedly older,
I thank you sashed lady green soldiers:
Abandonment, it would seem, makes self-sufficiency bolder.

JA/2013 Photos of cookies taken by Donna Golden, cookies made by us both. With love.


9 responses to “Fallen Scout

  1. Gorgeous cookies! Amazing photogs.

  2. sooo good.

  3. This is awesome! Aaaaand goddamn those Samoas look good. I like that at one point they look like pineapple slices 🙂

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