your silence: A Search Engine Dithyramb


Of all the things bringing one to me,
your silence, is a search query.
Arresting breath
your silence death.
What gods have made this site their pick
for words whose power cuts the quick?
Search Engines, the chorus sings, are not Seer!
Too bad, since these words too brought another here:
I love you so very very very very very very very very very very very very very
Not for me, (my knowing heart erupts)
alone, lips dry on Bacchus’ cup.
In his ear my silence lingers,
an interloper thusly fingered.
With indifference he did veer
and even that surrender is dear.
Just fool enough for others’ words to parry
that which his errant quest made my heart wary.



2 responses to “your silence: A Search Engine Dithyramb

  1. Someone recently discovered your arresting blog.

    • well, I added “your silence” as a tag to this post so…it will be interesting to see. Sometimes the searches that lead people to me are funny, sometimes obvious, sometimes very strange, and sometimes heart wrenching.

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