Romanitas Chocolatitas

“The classic as model and the present as sensation.”
-Vincent Scully, Modern Architecture and Other Essays (91)


With romanitas, as Scully said-
the gravity of Rome,
mansarded with the sweetest red
atop a chocolate loam.
No fantasy of Piranesi
inspiring or rich,
ever went down quite so easy
nor baked without a hitch.

JA/2013 – Chocolate cake with chocolate glaze, baked for the occasion of Noah’s towering achievement.

13 responses to “Romanitas Chocolatitas

  1. If it was a “fantasy of Piranesi” it would be a hulking, terrifying 939 foot tall Kafkaesque marzipan torture machine inside a vast and soulless underground vault constructed of slabs of Sugar Daddies built with Escher like staircases made of chocolate bars. Oh, wait, tht was Willie Wonka. God, I hated that movie. Both of them.But the cake looks good. Oh, nice going, Noah; whatever it was that your mom forgot to tell us you triumphed in…or over…or…well, nice going.


  3. petrujviljoen

    That cake is torture!

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