The Unbaked


rhubarb and almond paste crust tart

chartreuse at your heart
peeled away, cut up and bruised
there is a bitter taste
what you left in my mouth


4 responses to “The Unbaked

  1. Groucho Marcus

    So, did you notice how no one has made any comments? It’s just a guess but my hunch is that the general consensus is “Whoa, ain’t getting in the middle of that! Jessie girl, she be pissed off at somebody! “

    • Well, that would be me. You don’t know the half of it- I had to give up on the tart, threw it away. Waste of time, unsatisfying- A devastating admission of failure. You might have a little pity instead of mocking me, my dear Groucho.

  2. Chico and harpo Marcus

    “Mock”? Moi? That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever hoid. I’ve never mocked a failed tart. And as far as having a little pity, when it comes to tarts I don’t think they care if your pity is little or not.

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