The Decisive Drop


The Question, sloping down the wet black blocks
calling the name that pounds the dark
Keep off, it said, we’ll always be apart
Had I grasped the decisive drop
held it close, never asked,
would I  have kept
the water


Using intuition you ask your artistic question and decide almost simultaneously. – Henri Cartier-Bresson



8 responses to “The Decisive Drop

  1. Awesome image/poem combo.
    Love the Cartier Bresson quote as it affirms the “gut” feeling concept in fancy language.

  2. Thanks Tasha.
    It is a great quote, he had a way with words and photos.

  3. Very fine poem. Real poem. In the moment, of the moment; while looking at the past. It is the hardest of balancing acts because you have to stay poised on the needle sharp tip of excruciatingly painful memories while remaining so very very calm. Hardest thing a writer can do and you did it.

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