Reciprocity Failure

“High abstraction risks detaching itself from the wealth of actual existence”*

Scan 9

The written light
A two dimensional call
He asked
Maybe you will write one for me?
I answered
On the flats,
the fortune of my hand
The bend of focus,
The speed of moment.
What determines defining you?
A reciprocity failure?
oh yes, that
I have only just

*Rudolf Arnheim, Art and Visual Perception (147)

**In photography reciprocity failure is the inverse relationship between time and intensity of light to reactive materials.

3 responses to “Reciprocity Failure

  1. A lot going on here with the quote at the beginning stopping me in my tracks so to speak. (I love it) Very thought-provoking. Poem is elegant and beautiful.

  2. I second that (first comment) – the resonance of that quote, for me, extends itself beyond discussion of visual art styles – yup.

    Lovely too : The double-plus entendre de “reciprocity failure”.

    Good to see you’re still here 😉

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